Review: Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour

I was treated to this lipstick at christmas and I must say that I would happily run away and set up a new life in the country with it, so, I thought I should probably explain why I sound like one of the people you read about who wants to get married to the garden fence.

I have terrible lips, they’re ok look-wise but they are dryer than the Sahara. I try so many lip balms ranging from £1 all the way up to £30 and I’ve only ever found a couple that work but then I become immune and have to go on the hunt again. So, it’s so nice to be able to wear a lipstick that doesn’t stick to all the imperfections and glides on like a dream. It’s not completely perfect and you can see the dent I have in my lips, but I don’t think much is going to fix that.



I have the shade 05, Desirable and have lightly applied it in the picture above for a more subtle look but it can be built up to be a gorgeous deep pink shade if you’re in the mood for something more dramatic.

The reason I find this lipstick so easy to apply could be because it’s designed that way, the product description states that it has an ultra-fine skin like texture that helps it glide on the lips and the Shea butter and conola oil provides softness to the formula.

I have found only one downside to this product, the price. Its £25 for 3.5g of product, and I have fallen head over heels in love with it so much I’d happily part with my well earned pennies to add more shades to my collection. You can pick up Chanel lipsticks and other products from most department stores, larger Boots stores and online. Would you be willing to part with £25 for a lipstick?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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