Product Empties # 1

Hello there! I thought I would jump on the ’empties’ bandwagon and show you the products I’ve used up over the last couple of months and if I would repurchase any of them.


  • Clean on Me Soap and Glory Shower Gel – This is by far my favourite shower gel. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling extra soft. This bottle lasted me over 6 months (finishing this bottle has given me an odd sense of achievement) as you only need a couple of pumps a time. For Christmas I got another couple of these so I don’t need to rush out to boots but I will be repurchasing once those have run out.
  • Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo – Dry shampoo, the life saver. I’m not really fussy when it comes to dry shampoo as long as it does the job. This huge can has taken me over a year to use and I would repurchase this but I think in a different scent as I’m not too keen on the Tropical one.
  • Sure Clear Aqua Deodorant – There’s nothing really special about this, I tend to buy whatever ‘anti white marks’ deodorant that’s on offer. I will repurchase this if it goes on an offer again but I don’t think I would pay full price.
  • Pantene Repair and Protect Conditioner & Panetne Ice Shine Conditioner – Pantene do a good conditioner in my eyes, they’re overpriced so once again I only buy them when they’re on offer, but they make my hair nice and smooth without weighing it down.


  • Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes – I’m not fussed when it comes to face wipes, I’m not loyal to one brand as you can see. I pick these up when they’re on offer (starting to see a trend?) but if they were cheaper I think these would be the ones that I stuck to.
  • Kleenex Cleansing Facial Cloths – I use these to take of my cleanser and remove the rest of the make-up that the face wipes didn’t get off. I really like these but don’t think I will be repurchasing anytime soon as they aren’t the cheapest.
  • L’Oreal Infaliable Foundation with Brush – This is my all time favourite foundation but for some reason it has 2 different types of packaging, one with a pump and one with a brush. This is the one with the brush and it says it lasts a couple of hours more than the one with a pump but I think the formulation is pretty much the same. I will continue to repurchase this foundation but I didn’t really like using the brush as it got so dirty and you couldn’t wash it so I have gone back to the pump.
  • Tesco Cucumber Cleansing Wipes – Nice and cheap, these are the ones that I buy when there are no offers going around. They do the job and smell really fresh definitely going to be picking up some more.
  • Skin Wisdom Cleansing Wipes – I like the packaging for these as they have a plastic lid so they kept moist (hate that word) but yet again these were bought on an offer and I would happily buy them again.

What have you used up that you would repurchase?

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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