MUA Undress Me Too Vs Urban Decay Naked 2

I’ve owned and loved my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for over a year now, I don’t own the first one for a very simple reason; the feel of velvet makes me feel rather queasy. I heard through the blogging community that the MUA Undressed palette was a dupe for the original Naked palette so I picked that one up instead and then indulged in the Naked 2. Recently MUA released a new palette called Undress Me Too and as I owned the Naked 2 palette I thought I would go and pick it up and use it for another comparison post.



Packaging – I prefer the Naked 2 packaging just because it’s a lot more robust so I don’t feel bad about knocking it off the table and it has a huge mirror so this is what I normally find myself taking on holiday. However, the MUA one is more compact and weighs practically nothing so it could be carried around on a daily basis and probably wouldn’t make any difference to what you already carry.

9 Dec 2012-001

9 Dec 20121-001

MUA swatch on the left and Urban Decay swatch on the right of each picture.

Colour Payoff – Now I really don’t know what to say the majority of the MUA shadows are really close to the Urban Decay ones. With some of the Urban Decay shadows it’s a bit more obvious that they’re higher quality and some of the MUA shadows aren’t exactly the same but to be honest you have to look really closely to be able to tell. The only one that is a disappointment in the MUA palette is the black shade (Corrupt) as it’s not as pigmented as in the Urban Decay palette.

Application – The Urban Decay shadows are slightly smoother with a buttery kind of texture (does that make sense?) and give less fall out but there’s always going to be some kind of fall out when you’re dealing with any amount of glitter.

Staying Power – Once again, the Urban Decay shadows only stay on a small amount of time more than the MUA shadows and it depends on what shadow you’re using. I also think this would vary depending on what kind of skin type you have, I’m quite lucky in the way that shadows are quite long wearing on me but for some who has oiler eyelids there might be a huge difference in how long these shadows stay on.

Price – The Urban Decay Naked Palette is going to set you back £36. Now looking at that price from an Urban Decay standpoint it’s bloody good value for money as it has 12 eyeshadows and 2 brushes. But now the MUA palette has been thrown into the mix for only £4 (I actually got mine for £3 as it was on offer) the Naked 2 palette seems like such a huge amount of money.

To be honest the shadows in the Naked 2 palette are a better quality but it’s only noticeable if, like me, you spend half an hour swatching each colour next to each other. I think if you have the money take the plunge and go for the Naked 2 palette but to be honest the MUA could probably create very similar looks and if you’re on a budget this would be a great way to get the same results without spending £36.

What do you think? Would you go for the MUA or the Urban Decay?

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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