Review: Nivea Express Hydration Primer

I hadn’t given this product much thought when it was first advertised but about a month ago when my cousin came to visit and we were browsing around Tesco she mentioned wanting to try it. Easily influenced I picked up the one for dry skin, even though I have never gotten on with primers and I have not been disappointed.


The consistency is not what I would have expected it to be, it’s a cream but it also feels quite gel like. It’s very cooling on the skin and because of this it actually somehow manages to calm down some of the redness in my skin, it doesn’t get rid of it and it is still noticeable but it looks a lot less like someones smacked me round the face.

Already I was loving this, my very dry skin was drinking it up, and then came the foundation application. I wasn’t expecting much, I always get dry patches on my forehead, on my chin and around my nose and out of the primers I tried (I actually gave up testing out primers because it was becoming an expensive waste of money) nothing had managed to get rid of them. I didn’t actually notice that this primer had managed to smooth out my skin so much that there were hardly any flakey patches until I looked in the mirror a little bit later. My skin had never looked so good, I tried a few foundations out that I had previously thrown to the back of the drawer because they just clung to dry patches but with this primer they were actually wearable.

There are still days where my skin is so dry that this primer can’t get rid of all the dry patches but it still helps to smooth out my skin and create a great base for my make-up. This product not only gets points for helping my skin to look nice and smooth but for saving me money as I can now use a lot of the foundations that originally looked awful on me. It’s under a fiver and I ca see myself repurchasing this for a while.

The Nivea Express Hydration Primer is available in 2 skin types; normal/combo and dry/sensitive. I’ve only tried the one for dry skin so I’m not sure what kind of results the normal/combo one will give but you can pick them up for £4.99 at Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets.

Have you tried this? What’s your favourite primer to use?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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