The At Home Pamper

Whilst trying to organise a spa day and finding nothing in my price range I decided to make up my own little pampering session at home. This way I could use up products, try out array of samples from beauty boxes and make it as cheap or as luxurious as that months pay check would allow. So here is my at home pamper guide with a few products i’m enjoying using at the moment.


If i’m going all out and having a full day of relaxation i’ll start off with a shower and wash my hair and use a 5 minute hair mask then i’ll use the Body Shop Mango Scrub (£12.50) to exfoliate all the dead skin cells and make my skin nice and polished. When I get out of the shower i’ll slather myself with Soap and Glory’s The Righteous Butter (£10.50).

After this I go sit and watch some trashy TV (this is what the E! network is made for) and put a huge layer of Soap and Glory’s Heel Genius (£5.50) on my feet. If i’m having a few breakouts i’ll take this chance to blob on some acne gel and let that get to work. I then put on some hand cream, at the moment i’m enjoying the Cath Kidston Wild Rose hand cream (£8). Once the hand cream has sunk in i’ll use the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 wash + mask (£3.99) on my face and leave for 5 minutes. When the 5 minutes is off I take off the mask with a wet muslin cloth and then cleanse with Peaches and Clean from Soap and Glory(£7).

At this point I may finish the pampering session and get on with an ever expanding to do list but if I’m feeling extra lazy i’ll put on another layer of Heel Genius, play The Sims and have a Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon. I also use this time to tidy up my nails and maybe add a lick of paint. I’ll finish off the day with a long hot bath with a nice relaxing bubble bat, I quite enjoy the Radox Sleep therapy (£2), and read a book.

Please leave any suggestions of what else I could try on a pamper day.

Thanks for reading 🙂



5 responses to “The At Home Pamper

  1. Im off to Europe at the end of this month and one of the most exciting things is to buy some Soap and Glory products, sounds mad but can’t wait

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