Review: Fashionista Customisable Palette

After hearing MissBudgetBeauty rave about the New York blush from this brand I thought I would go check them out. Unfortunately the Superdrug where I live doesn’t stock the brand so I gave up for a while until I took a trip to Lakeside shopping centre and found the brand there.

First things first, their palette systems are a bargain. The concept is that you pick a palette with either 4 spaces or 6 spaces and fill it up saving a decent amount of money along the way. Originally the 4 space palette is £5, the 6 space palette is £ and the individual blushes and eyeshadows are £4 each. But if you fill the palettes up then and there you can fill up the 4 space palette for £10 (saving £11) and the 6 space palette for £15 (saving £24).



I decided to go for the 4 space palette and got myself 3 blushes and 1 bronzer. The bronzer is great for giving my skin a sun kissed glow, it’s not too dark for my pale skin and doesn’t have any chunks of glitter in it so it just gives a nice shimmery finish. I picked up the blush in New York and was not disappointed, it gives a nice natural flush to my cheeks and I have been using this nearly everyday since I got it. Juicy Apricot is a coral shade with glitter in it and Blushing Coral is a matte bright pink, it doesn’t look very coral to me so I don’t really understand the name. I haven’t used as much but I think I’ll be getting a lot more use out of them now that the sun is out and I can get away with brighter blush.

All of these have amazing pigmentation and are amazing value for money. Individually they come in their own plastic case so if you don’t want to take your whole palette around with you you can just pop the blush or eyeshadow out of the palette and put it back in it’s case. The Blushes and eyeshadows are the same size so you can mix and match to make whatever kind of combinations you want. I’m definitely going to be going back and treating myself to some of they eyeshadows as when I swatched them in Superdrug they seemed just as pigmented as the blushes.

Have you tried anything from Fashionista?

Thanks for reading 🙂



2 responses to “Review: Fashionista Customisable Palette

  1. I’m definitely getting a palette next time I see Fashionista! I used their gel eyeliner once and wasn’t really impressed but your swatches show they have pretty good pay off! Superdrug.. HERE I COME!

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