How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

The worst thing about makeup? Brush laundry. The best thing about washing your makeup brushes? How much smoother the makeup goes on after the brush has had a good scrubbing. Also there’s nothing better than knowing that you’ve gotten rid of all the nasty bacteria that has been building up.

After I use any brush I will spray them with a daily brush cleaner at the moment I have the e.l.f daily brush cleaner so they’re ready for the next application. Then about once every 2 weeks I’ll give my brushes a deep clean.


 I don’t have any preference in what I use to wash my brushes and I tend to just use whatever hand wash I have in the bathroom. I’ve used a couple of cleaners specifically for cleaning makeup brushes and I am yet to be impressed. If you don’t want to use a hand wash, baby shampoo is a great alternative and it isn’t very expensive.


Firstly I’ll run the brush under the tap and then put one pump of hand wash in my hand and swirl the brush around until all the foundation/eyeshadow/eyeliner etc starts to run out. Once the brush stops lathering up I rinse it out and then put about half a pump of soap in my hand and swirl the brush around again until the water runs clear. Foundation brushes and brushes that are used for liquid or cream products are going to take a lot more effort to wash than a brush you’ve used for powder products. After the water has started to run clear I squeeze all the excess water out and then rinse them again just to make sure all the soap is out so they don’t dry with a weird residue on them.


To dry the brushes I just lay a flannel down close to an edge so that large brushes can hang over the edge and not lose their shape. I’m actually quite sad and have a designated flannel/face cloth for drying my brushes. Any brushes that don’t need to hang over the edge I just lay down on the flannel as they don’t really have a shape to keep. I normally wash my brushes at night so that they are dry and ready for the next morning.

I have quite a few brushes so I only need to wash them once every 2 weeks, sometimes I can even stretch to 3 weeks. I use the same foundation brush for about 3 days and then I put it in a mug that I keep on my dressing table so I know it needs to be cleaned. I have a ridiculous amount of eye brushes so I tend to only reuse a brush if I’m using the same eye product.

How often do you clean your brushes? Have you found a cleaner that takes all the hard work out of cleaning your brushes?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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