Clinique Anti-Blemish Moisturiser Vs Simple Anti-Blemish Moisturiser

When I was a teenager I was quite prone to spots. I wouldn’t say I had acne, but it was rare for there to be a day when I was spot free. I’ve mentioned before in a Products Empties post about how I religiously used the Clinique Anti-Blemish solutions 3 step system and have out of habit repurchased the products even though I don’t use them on a day to day basis anymore. Nowadays I tend to only get a couple of spots a month but sometimes, about once a year, I’ll get a spot that will stay with me for a good few weeks. I only have the moisturiser (step 3) from the Clinique line left and have been using it to dot onto spots to try and get rid of them.

When a spot lurked on my face for longer than it was welcome I went to get my Clinique moisturiser and couldn’t find it but found my Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser that I had bought with the rest of the Simple Spotless Skin range when I first discovered it (I’ll talk more about this range in a separate post) and thought this would be a great opportunity to see which one performs the best.


Packaging – The Simple Moisturiser has packaging that seems more aimed at younger people when compared to Clinique but I don’t have an issue having either of these on my dressing table so I think this category is going to completely be down to personal preference.

Price – The Clinique moisturiser is £18.50 for 50ml and the Simple Moisturiser is £4.50 for 75ml.

Doing what it says on the tin

Clinique offers a lightweight moisturiser that helps to treat current blemishes, control any excess oil, helps to prevent future breakouts and hydrates to reduce dryness (more information at ). When I discovered the anti-blemish range it was like a God send, it cleared my skin up in a couple of weeks and my skin stayed spot free for the majority of the time while I used the system. Now that I don’t use the full system the moisturiser doesn’t seem to do a huge amount. I don’t use this in a conventional way and tend to just dot in on my breakouts and let it sink in but other than it giving me piece of mind that I have a barrier between my spot and my make-up it doesn’t seem to do much.

Simple says the anti-bacterial ingredients fights spots and helps to reduce excess oil while maintaing moisture levels throughout the day (more information at ). Around a couple of years ago I came across this range of skincare for Simple, it is designed for teenage skin but I always like to have products at the ready for when a spot rears its ugly head so I picked up a few of things, went home, used a couple of the items and completely forgot about the moisturiser until the other day. I use this in the same way as I use the one from Clinique and this one actually does something. I never believe when products say ‘results from day 1’ but this stuff really does give results, it does it give that tingly feeling that you find with a lot of spot treatments but it reduces the redness of the spot and leaves it smooth within an hour. If I’m at home I will keep applying to the spot throughout the day and after a couple of days the breakout will have nearly disappeared.

The Winner – It has to be the Simple moisturiser. Now, don’t get me wrong the anti-blemish 3 step system from Clinique is amazing at clearing your skin up and I am convinced that my skins in much better condition now because I used that as a teenager. But when it comes down to just the moisturiser it just doesn’t seem to do much and at £18.50 it just isn’t worth it by itself.

You can get the Simple Spotless Skin Range from Boots, Superdrug and Supermarkets and the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions from the Clinique website (mentioned above) or your nearest counter.

Have you got any spot treatments you swear by?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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