Back To School: The Makeup

Personally I have left the education system for the meantime so I don’t have to suffer the pain of finishing the term only to be bombarded with supermarket ‘back to school’ clothing and stationary the next day. I do feel for those poor kids that don’t really have any concept of time, finish school, then go shopping with their mum and see all the school uniforms out and think the summer is over (as I type this, a Tesco back to school advert has come on the telly). But when I was in school and the new academic year reared its ugly head I wish I had known about blogs that would have given me tips on what to buy to get myself through the new year. Thus, starts my series on getting ready for the year ahead prepared with everything you’ll need.

First in the series is makeup.


Foundation – The foundation I chose is the Rimmel Match Perfection liquid foundation as it has a light coverage and looks nice and natural on the skin. This retails for £6.99. Rimmel aren’t particularly good at offering a good range of shades when it comes to foundations so if they don’t have your shade L’Oreal do great foundations with an amazing shade range.

Concealer – The Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is quite possibly the most talked about beauty product in the past couple of years. It has got to be beyond any doubt the best concealer I have ever tried for blemishes, it makes them completely visible. As it has quite a high coverage be careful when applying as it can look cake-y if it’s layered. Priced at £4.19.

Blush – Natural Collection is the makeup brand in Boots that I started off with when I first started playing around with makeup. I’m pretty sure that Boots has a on going offer of 3 for £5 across the whole range. Their blushes are, in my opinion, the best products from the whole range. They’re £1.99 and because the shade selection isn’t too daunting you can figure out the ones that best suit your skin.

Eyeliner – The Rimmel Khol Kajal eyeliners are the best that I’ve found on the high street. They’re creamy, waterproof and come in a decent range of colours. There’s a bronze colour which I actually use on a day to day basis to line my lash line and blend out, the perfect nude colour for your waterline and a range of others. These retail at £3.99.

Eyeshadow – I think the best eyeshadow for school/college/uni would be a cream eyeshadow especially the Maybelline Colour Tatto in On and On Bronze. This is such a great colour as when used all over the lid and blended out into the crease it’s an easy smokey eye. All of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos are priced at £4.99.

Mascara – The mascara I picked for this was the one I used throughout most of my school life. The Rimmel Extra Super Lash gives a natural curl with some definition and it’s an absolute steal at £4.99.

Lips – I really think at school there isn’t any need for much on the lips so I picked the much anticipated Baby Lips from Maybelline. I recently got my hands on one of these (I waited a good few weeks and I still could only find the plain mint one in my Boots). The Baby Lips are moisturising and you have the option of getting ones with tints or ones without any colour. They’re £2.99.

Nails – Lastly there’s the option of nail polish, my school never allowed this but that was a few years ago and you used to get detention for not having your shirt tucked in (priorities). If you’re school allows it then I would go for Barry M as they have a ridiculously large range of polishes for £2.99 and their new Gelly Hi-Shine range (which is amazing!) are £3.99.

I’ve tried to keep all products as cheap as possible so I hope this helps if you are getting ready for the new school year or if you are new to makeup in general. Let me know if you want anymore makeup for beginners style posts.

What do/did you wear at school?

Thanks for reading 🙂


P.s sorry for using stock photos in this post.


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