Review: Essie Summer Collection 2013

Essie become more widely available in England last Autumn and last Christmas they did a mini set of their Christmas collection and I decided against it as I had a number of similar colours. When I saw the Summer collection I couldn’t resist as all the colours were gorgeous and getting the minis was the most cost effective way for me to try most of the colours.


Left to right: Naughty Nautical, Sunday Funday & Full Steam Ahead

If you, like myself, walked past the Essie stand a few times and thought they all looked quite similar to a number of colours Essie have in their permanent line we were both wrong. The similarities made me ignore them a couple of times before I actually picked them up and looked at them. They all have a fine pearlescent glitter in them which is a hell of a lot easier to get off than other glitter polishes.

All these polishes last about 2 days without a base or top coat and about 5 days with a strong top coat. These polishes look great on their own or as an accent nail.

Have you tried any of the colours from the Summer Collection?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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