Review: Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow

Ever since Burberry launched their makeup line I have wanted to try something (everything). Every review I’ve read has been singing their praises and when I took a trip to London recently I jumped at Burberry counter, card in hand and said bon voyage to my hard earned cash.

Creating new eye looks is what is so exciting to me about make-up so I thought if I was going to treat myself it might as well be something I know i’ll get a lot of use out of. They’re £22.50 each (my head was screaming at me ‘what are you doing? what are you doing?! as the woman put it through the till) so I chose quite a neutral colour that I knew wouldn’t only a day out on a special occasion.



The packaging, oh the packaging, is absolutely gorgeous. I have never been so proud to whip this out of my bag to show my mum and let her marvel in the beauty of an eyeshadow tucked into a silver casing with a mirror. With the attention to detail with just the packaging and how the Burberry pattern is printed into the eyeshadow I was impressed before I’d even swatched it.


Shade 09, Rosewood.

Speaking of swatching it I was ready to run back to London and give the Burberry counter all my money. I got the shade 09, Rosewood. It is the softest eyeshadow I have ever touched, I love the buttery feel of Urban Decay eyeshadows but this blows them out of the water. It also has the perfect amount of pigmentation, don’t get me wrong I like a shadow that can pack a punch but sometimes it’s too much when it’s a eyeshadow. A very pigmented blush is a lot easier to handle than a very pigmented eyeshadow. This shadow goes on the eyelid smoothly and gives a nice wash of colour without the worry of overdoing it. It has a satin finish and from what I can tell there is no glitter in it.

I wish I hadn’t of liked (loved) this eyeshadow, it’s the Chanel incident all over again, I now want many many more and want to try more from the brand. The only downside I can think of for this is the price other than that it;s the best eyeshadow I have ever tried and the colour looks great both all of the lid or used to define the crease. You can get Burberry makeup from John Lewis, Harrods and the Burberry website.

Have you tried anything from Burberry? Do you get drawn into brands when you find something amazing from them?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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