Back To School: The Bag

I was always the person at school that people knew to come and get spare pens, rulers, chewing gum and pretty much anything else from. I took everything but the kitchen sink but still managed to keep it in order and there are a few types of bags that I think are the best for carrying and organising school things.

Collage b2sb

1) New Look, here, £24.99, Available in 2 colours. This bag really caught my eye when I was looking through the New Look website a few days ago. I think back packs is the best type of bag for school as you’re probably going to be carrying around a lot of books and the weight should really be evenly distributed on your back. There’s a lot of pockets both inside and out so you can organise all the random things you need to take with you.

2) Tesco, here, £12.50. I picked this bag as it has enough space for A4 notepads and there’s both a pocket inside for your phone and anything you want to keep safe. It also has a pocket on the outside for any random things you might need like headphones or tissues. Another thing I liked about this bag is that it has a zip so you can close the whole thing up and not have to worry about things getting lost.

3) New Look, here, £17.99. Available in 3 colours. This bag, in my opinion, is the one that looks the most versatile. It’s smart looking with a simple design and has lots of space for everything you’ll need. It can be used as a shoulder bag and also as a cross body bag.

4) Cath Kidston, here, £15. This bag is my favourite and I may have to buy it for myself (I have absolutely no need for it but I have a serious obsession with polka dots). It’s from one of the new lines at Cath Kidston that is full of bags that can all be folded up into a little pouch. This is the type of bag that I used for College and I found it the perfect size as it made me not overpack and only take the things you need.

What bag do you find best for organising a lot of things?

Thanks for reading 🙂


Disclaimer: All photos are taken from the respective websites.


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