Review: Real Techniques Duo-fibre Collection

I first tried some of the Real Techniques brushes about a year ago and fell in love with them. I’m not one that has a large amount of brushes, I’ve got a couple standard brushes from MAC but I haven’t tried anything from Sigma and the majority of my brushes are from E.l.f. I think the first time I saw the duo-fibre collection was on the Pixiwoo YouTube channel before they were released and I knew straight away that I wanted to try them when they were released. I finally got myself a set and here’s what I think.


The set has 3 brushes in it and unlike the other sets it doesn’t come with a travel brush case, which I don’t really care about anyway but some might like having them. There’s a face brush, a contour brush and a eye brush. They wash really well and any colour comes out really easily, I’ve washed them a few times and they’re still white. To be honest all the Real Techniques brushes that I have wash really well.


The Face Brush – Now I have the powder brush from Real Techniques and that thing is huge so I was kind of expecting the same with this brush but it has a lot less bristles packed into it and I have actually found it to work wonders with bronzer. I’ve mentioned before that I have very pale skin and this brush helps me to control how much bronzer I put on so I don’t end up looking like an Umpa Lumpa, which, is always a plus.

The Contour Brush – This brush had the same results as the face brush, it gave me a lot more control with my bronzer than the contour brush from the permenent line. As i’m sure we can all be a bit heavy handed sometimes, it’s nice to have brushes that you know you can use in a hurry without packing on too much product and making you have to start all over again.

The Eye Brush – This brush, I’m afraid to say, I did not like at all. When I first saw it I thought it would be a great blending brush. Although it does blend and do what you would expect it to, it is not soft. When I first used it I thought I’d gotten something on the brush that was making so uncomfortable to use. This might just be the one in the set I got and I got a bad batch or something but to be honest you don’t expect that from a set of brushes that cost over £20. I get annoyed when it happens with a £3.50 brush from E.l.f and you kind of expect it from them.

The main thing I found that makes these brushes different to the ones from the permanent line is that they give you a bit more control as the bristles are less densely packed. Unfortunately the eye brush ruined the set for me and to be honest that brush is the main reason I got the kit because I always felt that a blending eye brush was what the Real Techniques brushes were missing. Once again, it might just have been the brush in the set that I got and I still think the other brushes in the set are good if you don’t have any brushes like them and even if you do they are a nice addition to the collection.

The brushes are available here for £23.99.

Have you tried this set? What was the eye brush like for you?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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