Review: Clinique A Different Nail Enamel

When the new nail polishes from Clinique were first released I was skeptical. I had a couple of their old nail polishes that they seemed to discontinue one day and leave no trace behind. They were pretty rubbish for £8.50 to be honest and I only bought them when it was ‘bonus time’ because they were the cheapest thing they did and I wanted the ‘free’ goodies (I was 15, don’t judge). These polishes are allergy tested and suitable for sensitive skin.



Speaking of ‘bonus time’, it’s actually how I’ve managed to try out a polish. I got quite a cute mini polish a couple of weeks ago in the shade Pinkini (The writing was pretty small so this is a strong guess to the shade name and I don’t think this is in the permanent line) and I am pretty impressed. The colour is pretty vivid and I probably only needed to apply one coat but just out of habit I applied two. The polish has very glossy finish and I managed to spend the time I was wearing it looking down at my nails and being all ‘oooo, yes they’re nice’. I put on 2 coats without a base or a top coat and it lasted a good 3 days before it started to chip at the top of the nails. Depending on how good the top coat you use is, I would say you could get a good 5 days worth of wear out of these polishes. They are £12 each, which, for a higher end brand that’s not actually that expensive.

The only gripe I have (other than the name of these being ridiculously long) is that the smell is quite strong, a lot stronger than other brands and it will make the room you paint your nails in smell for a good few hours.

Now that I’ve tried these I definitely want to try some more of the colours in the range. You can buy the polishes online, here, or they are available from Clinique counters.

Have you tried these nail polishes? What do you think?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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