Review: Inglot Freedom System Palette

When I was in London I was innocently walking along in a shopping centre (the Westfield at Shepard’s Bush I think) and I saw an Inglot store. I don’t think I’ve actually moved as fast as I did going into that shop in my entire life. I’ve heard great things about the Freedom System that Inglot have and that their eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented for a reasonable price. I didn’t even realise there was a store in London so when I saw it I knew I couldn’t come away empty handed.


I decided to get myself the 5 eyeshadow square freedom system palette and I picked a few neutral colours and a couple of purples as I always sway towards purple when picking eyeshadow and I wanted to get colours I knew I would get a lot of use out of. The packaging is pretty awesome as it’s magnetic and you just click it pack into place (but dear God don’t trap your finger, it hurts!).


The shadows don’t have names, just numbers and type of finish. From left to right: 395, 154, 406, 378, 423.

Shades 395, 406 and 423 are pearl eyeshadows (these shadows have 2.7g of product), 154 is a shine eyeshadow (3.2g of product) and 278 is a matte (2.3g of product). The pigmentation of these shadows are better than some high end eyeshadows and they have a smooth texture that blends out perfectly. There are tones of shadows to choose from and you can also get blushes and face powders in the Freedom System and basically come up with your own unique palette every time. I think that is one of the reasons I really liked the concept of these palettes, is that they’re unique to the individual that chooses them.

They are also very reasonable priced, if you fill up the palette you want there in the store (or online) it works out cheaper than if you are going to buy a few shadows here and there. The palette that I got cost £29.50 all together. Inglot eyeshadows are Paraben free and they don’t test on animals. I definitely want to pick up another one of the Freedom System palettes and maybe try out some blushes.

Have you tried anything from Inglot?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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