Nail Combination: Orly Rage & VIP

I always love when I find nail polishes that go together so well that you can get a load of different looks from. I picked up a couple of mini polishes from Orly without realising that they went so well together.



Orly Rage is a gorgeous rose gold colour and VIP is a rose glitter. There’s a number of ways that I like t use these two polishes. My favourite way is to have Rage on all the nails and VIP on an accent nail. They also look great with Rage as a base on all nails and topped with VIP. You can also create a kind of ‘pick n mix’ nail effect by picking random nails to have either Rage or VIP on and then a couple of nails with both. Another great thing I found was that because of the colour and metallic finish of Rage the different amount of coats that you use give you different effects. For example, one coat isn’t completely opaque but it doesn’t look streaky and unfinished like some other polishes can with only one coat.

As I said I only got the mini bottles of these but I’ve used them quite a few times and there is still a load of product left. The minis from orly are £5 for 5ml compared to their full size of 15ml for £9.99. These are such lovely colours with a brilliant formulation that if I was to run out of the minis I would pick them up in full size.

Have you tried any Orly nail polishes? What are your favourite polishes to combine?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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