How I Shape My Eyebrows

I have a certain system when it comes to plucking and shaping my eyebrows. It may not be something everyone would agree with but it works for me so I thought I would share my system with you.


First off, the things you’ll need are:

– Tweezers

– Something to brush through your brows with

– An angled brush

– Your preferred eyeshadow that you use to fill in your brows. (if you use a pencil, use that, but you won’t need the angled brush)


The first step is to brush through the brows with the brush you have and brush them into the natural shape that your brows have. Next is to basically draw on the brows that you want with either your eyeshadow and angles brush or pencil.


After you have drawn on your brows you can pluck around the shape you have made. I tend to pluck the little hairs first before getting the bigger hairs so I can make sure I won’t pluck a hair that will make it look like I’ve shaved my brows. After I’ve plucked the little hairs I’ll give my brows another brush through to again make sure that I don’t over pluck.


After I’ve gotten rid of all the hairs I want to I’ll give my brows another brush through and I’m done. Some people may think this isn’t the best way to do this but I find this the best way to keep to the same shape every time and to get them as even as possible.

What methods have you found that work best when shaping your brows?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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