Review: Maybelline Brow Drama Tinted Brow Gel

Although I’ve been a makeup lover since early in my teens, it wasn’t until a few years ago that my friend introduced me to the power of brow definition. I started of with the E.l.f brow kit and have moved through pencils and up to my little duo of MAC shadows. Never in this journey have I tried a tinted brow gel. The main reason? They are so expensive! Unless I wasn’t looking in the right places (a very large possibility) I have never seen a drugstore/high street tinted brow gel. Until now.


I never thought I would be so glad for a new eyebrow product. There aren’t a huge amount of colours to choose from and this, Dark Blonde, is the lightest shade. Saying that, however, this shade isn’t actually that dark. If you have really really blonde eyebrows, no this won’t work for you but mine aren’t as darker blonde as they could be and this works fine. An apprehension I’ve always had about tinted brow gels is the thought of them not being very neat but this has proven me wrong. As the colour isn’t too pigmented you aren’t going to get a glob of gel on your forehead if you jog yourself. This is just as easy as using a clear brow gel, brush it though your brows and you’re done. Simple. I love it.

The one thing I’m not too keen on is the way that it sets. The only way I can describe it is by comparing it to when you sprayed your hair with hairspray and you’ve got some on your forehead and it’s sticky at first but then you can feel it drying and setting (I have no idea if that is going to make any sense to anybody). The normal clear brow gel that I use is the MUA clear mascara so I haven’t experienced this before but let me know if other grow gels do this.

This gel does give more of a natural look to your brows so if you want more definition or you have sparse brows, this may not be the product for you. I like using this for everyday and then using my MAC shadows for when I’m going out and not having to rush around. I’m really happy I picked this up as I was standing at the Maybelline section deciding on it for quite a while I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but I do and I can see myself repurchasing it when it runs out.

There are 3 shades altogether and you can pick this up for £4.99 from Boots, here. I’m pretty sure you can get this from most places that sell Maybelline products.

Have you tried tinted brow gels? What’s your favourite brand?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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