Review: Nivea Micellar Water

If you are a regular reader you know that I have loved the L’Oreal ‘dupe’ for Bioderma for nearly a year now, so when I saw that Nivea had released their own Micellar water I had to try it. As I really do like the L’Oreal one I will be making some comparisons between the two as the price mark is simular. If you want to read my review on the L’oreal, click here.


You get 2ooml in a bottle for Β£3.99. The bottle says that it’s for sensitive skin and ‘moisturises while removing makeup’. It says it is free from parabens, perfumes and colours and it helps to reduce the three main signs of sensitive skin; redness, tightness and dryness. Β This is suitable to use on your eyes but I did notice that it wasn’t a comfortable as the L’Oreal one is, it doesn’t sting or anything it’s just a bit more noticeable that your removing your eye makeup. Apart from that I have nothing negative to say, it’s effective at removing makeup easily and really moisturises my skin. I haven’t seen my redness go down yet but I have really bad redness so i don’t know if I would notice a change for quite a while.

Skin care wise, I think this is better for my skin than the L’Oreal but to be honest I can’t say if I prefer one or the other. At the end of the day they both get the job done and so i think I will repurchase this and continue to buy the L’Oreal one too, a least I now have another option when one is out of stock.

I’ve heard that Garnier have released a micellar water in a larger bottle for the same sort of price so I may have to go and pick that up.

Have you tried this? Have you tried Bioderma? Which is your favourite?

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚



9 responses to “Review: Nivea Micellar Water

  1. I recently purchased the Garnier one and love it, i’m heading to Paris at the beginning of March and look forward to buying lots of Bioderma! πŸ™‚


    ~ XO

  2. I have now tried Bioderma and prefer it to the Garnier one, I still think that if you’re going to compromise and not get Bioderma that the Garnier one is best. I am yet to try the Nivea one, maybe soon πŸ™‚


    ~ XOXO

    • That’s good to know! Thank you πŸ™‚ I am still decided on whether to spend the money and give Bioderma a try or not. Is it a lot better than the cheaper ones? X

      • I went to Paris and bought a ton of it back! If you have found one that is working for you then I wouldn’t bother forking out the money for it, just depends how you feel with your current one. The only difference I have found is that Bioderma is even better for your eyes, the others can still sting a little. xo

      • I am really enjoying the Garnier one at the moment but I think I will have to give Bioderma a go, maybe I’ll just get a mini one. Thanks for your help πŸ˜€ x

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