Review: Avon Makeup Brushes

Sorry it’s another Avon review but I wanted to let you know about these brushes as soon as possible. I only noticed them in the most recent catalogue and picked up the Blush Brush and the Eyeliner brush. The range of brushes include  an all over face brush, a foundation brush, a kabuki brush, an eyeshadow brush, an eyeliner brush and a blush brush.


Both the brushes are very lightweight and the nylon bristles was very well. They also have slanted handles which means you can have a better grip making your application more precise.


The blush brush is originally £7 but you can get it here for £3.50. I’ve been using this brush for highlighter and it’s the perfect size and the angle. The bristles aren’t packed too densely making sure I don’t over do it and look like a disco ball. The brush is so soft I have to stop myself from brushing it all over my face.


The eyeliner brush is normally £4.00 but you can et it online, here, for £2.50. This brush is great to use with a dark eyeshadow for your eyeliner. I’ve been using this with the darkest shade of the Naked 3 palette for the past week instead of a pencil and it gives me a more natural look. It’s not as stiff as some eyeliner brushes can be and is as soft as the blush brush. I wouldn’t recommend using this brush for your eyebrows as I think it’s just a little bit too thick.

All in all I am really happy that I decided to pick up these brushes. I have a lot of Real Techniques brushes and still think they’re the best brushes your going to get on a budget but these Avon ones are really lovely to use. Especially if they’re on offer again I can definitely see myself picking up a few more from the range.

What’s your favourite brand for makeup brushes?

Thanks for reading 🙂



4 responses to “Review: Avon Makeup Brushes

      • haha I’m the same, my usual ‘dealer’ has stopped for a while so I haven’t had anything in months. I wasn’t keen on the eyeliner pots though, too solid and don’t draw well (in case you’d looked at them)

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