Review: Lee Staford Bleach Blondes Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve had this shampoo and conditioner for quite a long time and after putting it to the test both when I have very blonde hair and when it changes to a dirty blonde in the winter. Around this time last year I stopped bleaching my hair blonde (even though it’s naturally blonde I still dyed it) and started to grow it out to get back to my natural colour. So even though I wasn’t actually bleaching my hair at the time I picked these up a couple of months later.


Basically the Purple shampoo helps to reduce the brassy look that bleached hair can have a month of so after being bleached (I say a month but this may be completely different for other people). The conditioner says it also helps with the brassiness but to be honest I’ve used a different conditioner with this shampoo and got the sam results.

The first time I tried it I was really impressed with how it refreshed the colour of my hair after just one wash. I used it once a week for a month and it done exactly what it said it would. This really helped my hair transition from being bleached regularly to nothing at all without my hair looking dull. Obviously my roots were a tiny bit suspect but they were just a darker blonde so it wasn’t too weird looking.

So the reason I waited so long to do this review was to see if it would do anything to the brassiness in naturally blonde hair. In the winter my hair gets much darker in colour with a red/orange undertone. I wanted to test if this would work once all the bleach had been cut out of my hair. The answer? No. I might change my opinion this summer as my hair will be much lighter but for now I don’t think using it on naturally blonde hair makes much of a difference.

I have one main issue with this product and it it could just be my shampoo but I can not for the life of me squeeze out the shampoo without some serious effort. I had to pierce a hole in the top and it still only comes out in tiny drops. But that is the only negative I have found. You don’t need the conditioner but make sure the conditioner you have is really moisturising. You can pick the shampoo up here, for £6.49 and the conditioner here, from for the same price.

Have you tried this? Have you got any favourites for getting rid of brassy tones in bleached hair?

Thanks for reading 🙂


P.s. This has got a LOT of chemicals in it so please do a little test before you use it 🙂


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