Review: Soap and Glory Heel Genius

This is another one of those products that I picked up on a whim, forgot about it, then used it about a year later and cursed myself for not using it sooner. This isn’t a new product to me, I’ve been repurchasing it for the last 2 or so years, but only the other day did I realise that I have only mentioned this product in my at home pamper guide.


Before I get too carried away telling you how much I love this (oops, spoiler) I had better give you some details. First off you get 150ml for £5.50 and say you have a pamper day once a week and you slather this on every week I would say it will last you about 2 months. If you put a small amount on everyday I would think it would last you a tiny bit longer. If you’re like me and have it for the every so often pamper day and don’t use it religiously this tube could last you a year. The smell is the classic Soap and Glory scent but has a hint of mint mixed in with it. It’s a bit strange at first but you get used to it.

So, what you’re actually supposed to do with the product is put a little bit on every night to soak in while you sleep and wake up with soft tootsies. I. however, use it during a DIY pamper session and slather it on my feet and wait a good few hours for it to soak in. After I’d done this for the first time I was with my cousin and we decided to go to Tesco and get some snacks and as we were walking though the aisles I turned to her and said ‘Do your feet feel like they’re walking on clouds?’ she replied yes and since then I have decided that this product is just fantastic. I highly recommend this product and think  you should definitely give it a go. You can pick it up form Boots online, here.

What’s your foot saviour?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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