Review: Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

This is another product that I’ve had for quite a while and I’m glad I saved some things to review as I am in the middle of my project 10 pan and I can’t buy anything new. A good thing about me leaving things a while to review is that I can give a more rounded opinion as I would have had it for long enough to know if I really do like it and use it on a regular basis. When this was first released I thought it was a complete waste of money, but, after hearing more and more of people loving it I used up some Boots points to give it a go.

First off, the mascara is the cutest thing ever. It’s about the size of a sample mascara but the wand is tiny and great at getting all the little lashes.



Before mascara.


After mascara.

I must say I am impressed with this mascara, I normally stay away from putting my on my lower lash line as 1) it makes me look tired and 2) I have quite long lashes so it normally makes me look like I have spider eyes. However, this just seems to work for me. It gives my lashes more definition without making them too long or clunpy, I think the formulation is perfect for its aim. I don’t use this everyday, that would be too much of a hassle, but having it for over 4 months and there not being any signs of drying out I also feel I’ve got my moneys worth. By the way I know you shouldn’t keep mascaras for very long but I think you can use your judgement a bit when it comes to something that isn’t used daily. I mainly use it when I’m going out to dinner or a movie or a family gathering. Because I wear makeup nearly everyday and even though for work and things like that I don’t go over the top, I think this gives me a little something extra.

A bottom lash mascara is something I never thought I would need but after trying this and seeing how much it opens my eyes up and can be used to transform a day look to a night look with minimal effort I am glad I gave it a go. You can get it from Boots online, here, for £12 in 2 shades (black and brown). To be honest if you are the kind of person who will be wearing this everyday it’s actually quite reasonably priced.

Have you tried this? Is there anything else out there like this?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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