Review: Taylor by Taylor Swift

In my many years of buying perfume and even though my favourite is my Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel I have come to the conclusion that celebrities (even Paris Hilton) make some darn good fragrances at, normally, very reasonable prices. I picked this up from Boots for £25 for 50ml and you can get 30ml for £22. You can get  both these sizes and a larger size of 100ml for £34 from where they also have a gift set and body lotion.



The scent is a mixture of fruity (tangerine, Lycee and apricot) and floral scents (vanilla orchid, magnolia,peony and hortensia) work so well together to create a mature, rich scent.  As I’m writing this I am realising how amazing the lasting power of this scent is. I quickly threw on my jumper to answer the door this morning and can still smell the perfume I sprayed yesterday. From what I’ve read/seen around the blogosphere is that a few people find the bottle a bit garish, which, I can agree with. It’s not the kind of things you would normally put together,a vintage perfume top with a colourful detail but I genuinely think the bottle encapsulates the personality of Taylor Swift (obviously I don’t know her personally but I think this bottle ‘suits’ her a lot better than her other two).

I have been wearing this daily for about a week now and I am seriously in love with this perfume. It’s quite rare for me to repurchase cheaper perfumes but I am definitely going to pick up the even bigger size when I’ve gotten through this.

Have you tried this perfume? Which of Taylor Swift’s fragrances are your favourite?

Thanks for reading 🙂


Story time. I’m not a massive fan of Taylor Swift, hold your fire, I’ve bought a few of her songs but that’s about it. However, my friend and I went to her concert a week or so ago and it completely blew me away. That woman is a serious performer and I would pay to see her again. The next day I was looking through my friends bag (as you do) and found her perfume and had a sniff and realised that I had to buy it. So, the next day we went to London and I treated myself to the bottle. Moral of the story? If you go and see Taylor Swift you may end up buying her perfume.


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