Review: Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Range

Up until about 2 years ago my hair would grow to a certain length and then it would just stop. So when my hair actually stated to grow past a certain point I thought it would do me well to look after it as best as possible so my hair would grow to the length I have always wanted it to be. After trying the Lee Stafford I Hate My Hair The Day It’s Washed spray I became a little obsessed and wanted to try a lot of things from the range so I picked the Hair Growth Treatment Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask.


You’re supposed to use the shampoo then the mask and then the conditioner. Before anyone gets excited this doesn’t actually make your hair grow in the sense that you wake up the next day and it’s grown a few extra inches. If your hair doesn’t want to grow, it won’t. It nourishes your roots and gives them the right proteins that promote hair growth and also strengthens your hair to reduce the amount of breakage.

I’ve been using this on and off for the past couple of months and I’ve seen a real difference in my hair. It’s a lot thicker than it was and I definitely have a lot less breakage at the ends of my hair. My hair just feels a lot healthier and my hair is still growing, I don’t know if I want to say for definite if it’s been growing faster than usual because I’m not certain that it has. To give you a bit of an idea, before I started using this my hair was about 3 inches past my shoulder, I went and got all my split ends cut off and all in all got about 3 and half inches cut off. That was in September and now it’s back to where it was before I got it cut. For me that’s quite fast because before I got it cut ti had actually taken about a year and a half to grow that length.

The reason i don’t want to promise you that this product is the reason why my hair is growing so fast is because there are a number of factors that could also be helping it. I use hardly any heat on my hair, I only use the hair dryer if I have to and I rarely use any tongs. I also get it cut more regularly than I used to. That being said, these products have done wonders for my hair. Every time I use them (about once a fortnight) my hair feels so nourished and weightless, like I’ve just come out of the hairdressers.

If you do find that your hair just does not grow I really do recommend these products. I also recommend you try to use a small amount of heat as possible and strangely enough, get you hair cut. I used to think if I got my hair cut it wouldn’t grow because I kept cutting it but it can’t grow when there’s loads of split ends. You can get these products from Boots, here. The shampoo and conditioner are £6.99 each and the mask is £7.99 all with 200ml.

Have you tried these products? What’s the best product you use to look after your hair?

Thanks for reading 🙂



2 responses to “Review: Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Range

  1. I have been using this lee stafford sham poo conditions for 9 weeks and my hair grown and I will buy it again until I hair is down my back then get it cut not until

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