Storage: Nail Polish

For a few years I have been keeping all my nail polish in this little plastic set of drawers that I keep on the floor next to my dressing table and to be honest it doesn’t look very appealing. So when I went into town the other day I had a look around a few shops for some ideas and then I saw a large glass jar in Wilko. It looks, to me, like something you would keep cookies in on the kitchen counter although I found it in the bathroom section. It was only £6.50, so I thought why not and lugged it home on the bus.



I really like how this looks but unfortunately it doesn’t fit all my nail polish in!! I may have to go and get another one but I don’t know if that would look a bit weird. Until then I am happy that for £6.50 I got a nicer looking way to store my nail polish, even if it’s not all of it.

Where do you keep your nail polish?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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