Review: Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush

Blush and other cheek products was the makeup that I only started to have a serious interest in until a year or so ago (my general makeup addiction started when I was 11) so I’m still discovering the best blushes for me. I normally go for the most natural look when it comes to blush and when I saw this new blush from Seventeen I had to give it a go. I picked up the shade stare-struck as it was 1) in my comfort zone and 2) one of the last ones on the shelf.







The packaging is something like I’ve never seen before with the products packed into a little tub with a sponge for application. There is a mirror on the bottom and although it is a bit more chunky than a normal packaged blush it’s still travel friendly. The product isn’t hugely pigmented, which, is a good thing as you don’t want to be stamping a load of product on your face and leaving the house looking like a clown. Because of this I am very light handed when I apply this and really blend it out just in case but I think once I get the hang of it, it could be a great product to use when in a rush.

There are 5 shades altogether and I think this is the most natural and least pigmented of them. I really want to try the other shades and at £4.99 a pop, why not? You can pick these blushes up here, from Boots.

Have you tried any of these blushes?

Thanks for reading 🙂



2 responses to “Review: Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush

    • Seventeen has really been hitting it out of the park lately! More than anything I do think it’s a bit of a novelty but I do want to try another one to get a better idea 🙂 x

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