Review: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

I’ve actually had this for nearly a year. I picked it up in London, got home, took pictures and tried it out and then completely forgot to review it.


I only use this about once a month, I keep it for when my skin is in some dire need so it has lasted me quite a while and you only need about a penny coin sized amount for your whole face (although from time to time I do slather it on). I give my face a good ol’ scrub before I apply this all over my face just before getting into bed and when I wake up my skin feels so lovely and hydrated. If you put a large amount on (it has quite a sticky consistency) then you do run the risk of getting some product on your pillows while sleeping. I have also tried this on my DIY pamper days and will apply this in the morning and leave in to sink in for a good eight hours. This is perfect for rehydrating skin and the next morning my skin is in great shape and sometimes I can get away without any foundation for a couple of days.

When it comes to skincare I’m always a bit skeptical when I try more expensive products because I’m afraid of liking them and then having to repurchase them. I also feel the more skincare you use and the more complicated your routine is makes it harder for you to switch it up and try new things. Apart from my night time moisturiser (Clinique Moisture Surge) this is the most expensive skincare item that I own. I do really enjoy using this product but I try and use a small amount as I just can’t justify paying another £22 for it. It’s a lovely product, don’t get me wrong but I would rather spend the money on some cheaper ones to see if I can find anything that performs as well as this before I go and repurchase.

This product can be used on all skin types but I think that people with dry/very dry skin will really see the benefits of using this regularly. You can pick this up from Boots, here, or any Origins counter near to you.

What’s your best skin rescue mask?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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