First Impression: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

If your Twitter is beauty-centric and you follow similar people to me you will have noticed a little while a go Benefit promoting their new product (due out later this month) of a push up gel eyeliner. I thought, what a fantastic idea, I love gel liner but I hate the application and tend to gravitate towards felt tip liners for ease of use. When prowling through Boots during their 3 for 2 offer I came across something strange. Maybelline has gotten there first. I was taken aback with the discovery that amidst the promotion on Benefit’s wonder product, Maybelline managed to sneak something similar for a fraction of the price onto the shelves.





You have to click it a couple of times the first time you use it but after that you only need to use one click. Because gel is quite soft, it doesn’t manage to keep its angled shape for very long after you’ve started to apply it. The picture above is my 3rd try at getting the liner looking somewhat presentable. It has gotten a lot easier since then and I do like it but I just can’t decide I prefer this to my normal felt tip liners. You can’t get a really thin line out of it because of the way the product comes out so if you don’t like a medium sized line, you won’t like this. It’s bloody hard to get off, I’ll tell you that for one thing. I had to seriously rub at my eyes with my remover to get it off. It lasts a really long time and keeps its colour for the majority of the day before it starts to fade.

For staying power, true colour and the price, it’s great. If you’re inpatient, it’s not. I’m still on the fence about this. To be honest, I don’t know how much easier it makes the application as it takes some serious getting used to. It’s not as smooth as a felt tip liner in the sense that if you apply it with a little too much pressure you can find yourself with a clump of product on your lash line.I really thought trying this out would make me forget about the one Benefit is coming out with but it’s done the opposite, I want to try it to see if it’s better and easier to use. I think that because this is one of the first of its kind, I need to try some more out before I can come to a conclusion about it. You can pick this up from Boots, here, for £8.99.

Have you tried this? Are you going to give the Benefit one a go when it’s released?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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