Manicure Monday: Essie A Cut Above

I picked this polish up the other day with some high hopes that I always have for a glitter polish. This did not disappoint one bit. It’s a Rose Gold colour glitter and will put you back £7.99.



This is the first glitter polish that I have found that actually gives you a full nail of glitter without having to have something underneath it. As you can see from the pictures, two coats is pretty decent and three coats is pretty fantastic. When I did the second coat I was impressed and wasn’t expecting much more from another coat but clearly I was wrong. This looks awesome as an accent nails or on all of them and because you can build up the glitter. I also love this because if you don’t want a full nail of glitter the first coat will give you the normal nail polish glitter effect so you can use a base colour of your choice. This is very chunky glitter so be warned that it is a rather large pain to get off.

As with Essie, they aren’t the cheapest nail polishes but to be honest if all their glitters perform like this I want to go ahead and pick up the whole lot not really caring about how much it’s going to cost me.

Have you tried any glitter polishes from Essie? Do you know of any other glitters that you can get this kind of effect from?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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