Review: Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream

I haven’t tried a lot of eye creams and if I’m completely honest it’s a step I nearly always forget. Because of this, the only eye creams I have actually tried are samples or things that came free in sets so there isn’t a huge variety for me to compare to. My sister has liked Benefit’s skincare for a while and has told me to try some out and I’ve just never gotten around to it. I got this eye cream in the BBB Beauty Box and I am really glad that it was included.


Any eye cream I have tried, I have never felt it’s actually doing anything. I feel like it’s an extra step in my skincare without any benefits. This one, however, makes the under of my eyes feel so hydrated but not greasy, which, is a consistency I have never found in the other eye creams. This seems to be the perfect eye cream for me. There isn’t many physical results as there is only so much a cream can do (I have terrible dark circles but it’s due to my sleeping patter, or lack of, rather than finding the correct skincare). My concealer now goes on a bit smoother and the small dry patches that I had are a thing of the past (most days).

Now, this is not a cheap eye cream. Like I said, I only have a sample but it has lasted me really well. I’ve been using it nearly everyday (because I’m not good with keeping to routines) for the past couple of weeks and it looks like it hasn’t been touched. You only need the smallest amount. like literally smaller than a pea sized amount. Unless I find something in the meantime, which I doubt as I just really don’t try many eye creams out, I can definitely say that I will be repurchasing this once my sample has run out. You can pick this up from any Benefit counter or on Boots online, here, for £25.50 for 14.2g.

What’s your favourite eye cream? Do you like Benefit skincare? Is there anything in particular you would recommend?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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