Review: La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water

When I was in New York about 3 years ago I got ridiculously excited about seeing Evian cans full of compressed water to spray onto your face and to cool you down. Now, we sell it here in England and to be honest most summer days here I can handle without needed to spray my face with water. After my discovery I never actually looked into other brands that offer more than just water in a can and actually give skincare benefits. This is another product I got in the BBB Beauty Box but it retails for £8 for 300g (the sample I have, which is quite a nice size if I’m honest, is 50g).


This is suitable for sensitive skin so pretty much anyone can use it but make sure you don’t spray it in your eye!! As you would probably guess, once sprayed on your face it immediately cools but also gives your skin a soft feel to it and really refreshes your face. I have used this over makeup and as long as you don’t spray it ridiculously close to your face it won’t do anything to your makeup. With my really dry skin this has helped me give it hydration easily without having to think about putting yet another cream into my skincare routine. The spay on this is perfect, I was a bit concerned about it before I used it but it’s a fine mist and you don’t end up with a large splodge of it on one side of your face.

This is such a great little product to have and because I have the sample size it’s great to keep in my bag if I know I’m going out all day and it’s (for once) hot outside. When I first looked at this in the BBB Beauty Box I was dreading liking it as I assumed it would be over the top expensive but It’s really not. Once I’ve finished up this little sample I can’t see why I wouldn’t give it a repurchase although this little bottle has been lasting me so well it will probably be October by the time I finish it up.

You can pick this up form Boots, here, but at the time of writing this it is out of stock so you might be better off having a look in your local Boots.

Have you tried this? Have you tried anything from La Roche Posay? What do you recommend?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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