Review: Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift

Once again, with my best friend in London, I went into Boots and picked up a perfume by Taylor swift. After loving the one I got a few months ago so much I thought it was only fair I gave her other ones a try but couldn’t bring myself to buy both so I settled for this one. The bottle is very different from her other perfume I have but it’s only difference to the one I don’t own is the colour of the bottle and (I think) the charms.


This perfume is a lot sweeter than the other one I own and even though I (and I know a lot of people my age and older) like it, it is something you could get a teenage girl without having to worry about whether she would like it or not. The base notes are woody with hints of vanilla and white musk and the top notes consist of wild berries and passionfruit. Even though this scent is  probably more for the autumn I love using it now, it could be to do with the fact that i just bought it but I tend to go with what I feel like wearing rather than if it goes with the season or not.

You can pick this up from Boots, here for £17.99 for 30ml or £28 for 50ml. Personally, I think this perfume is such good value for money. It lasts on you all day and I have spent a lot of money on perfumes in the past that only lasts for a couple of hours. If you like Taylor’s other perfumes or you like sweet but woody scents then you will more than likely enjoy this.

On the perfume shops website I have found that Taylor Swift has a new fragrance out called Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight, which, I am very excited about. You can buy the 50ml here, but for some reason I can’t find it anywhere else online to buy.Fun fact: when looking through the interwebs to see what others had said about this perfume I found out that the perfumes a made by Elizabeth Arden. This is probably clear on the packaging but clearly I’m not very observant.

Have you tried this perfume? Which celebrity fragrance is your favourite?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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