Review: Rimmel Blush in Santa Rose

I picked this blush up a couple of weeks ago as I thought it was a pretty good price for a blush from Rimmel. I haven’t actually tried any of these blushes before but as I have been really enjoying Rimmel products lately, I thought I would give it a go.



The colour in the pan is lovely and perfect to give my particular skin tine a perfect amount of colour and glow for a natural flush. Unfortunately, this was a bit of a flop. As with most products, as soon as I got home I took photos and gave it a swatch. Not much happened. So much didn’t happen that there wasn’t even any point in my taking a photo of the swatch as it wouldn’t show up on the camera at all. On my finger it looked nice but then nothing transferred onto my hand, so you can just imagine how much product you get from a brush – that’s right, none! It’s just too bad that there wasn’t any testers in Boots because I definitely wouldn’t have bought this if I had known.

To be honest, the only good thing I can say about this blush is that it is a great size for travelling. I don’t know if I managed to get a defective blush (I have heard of that happening) or what, but whatever it is, I’m not impressed. These retail for £3.99 and from what O can find, there are 3 shades to chose from. I think next time I am in Boots or Superdrug I will give the other blushes a swatch to see if it’s just this one that lack pigmentation but until then I need to decide whether or not to keep this blush.

Have you tried any of these blushes from Rimmel? What do you think?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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