First Impression: Kiko Colour Shock Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadows

If you enjoy products that make getting ready for work everyday quicker (hello five extra minutes in bed!) then you, like me, love cream eyeshadows. They’re easy to apply, a quick blend with your rind finger and your done. I have got a much loved paint pot from MAC but once Maybelline stole the show with the ever so popular Colour Tattoos everyone, left, right and centre have released their range of cream shadows whether their in a pot or crayon form. Due to my laziness, cream eyeshadows are tend to be what I gravitate towards nowadays and when I saw the Kiko shop in London and saw that these cream shadows were on offer, I had to pick some up.





I have never tried anything from this brand before and these were the only things I picked up as I didn’t want to buy a load and not like any of it. The shades I got were 102, Revolutionary Burgurndy (a deep glitterly purple/burgundy) and 105, Adrenaline Lime (a cream glitter with a greeny undertone). As you can see from my swatch, a little goes a long way. I genuinely got a tiny amount on my finger and the colour is so intense and so pigmented that you only need the smallest amount. They are a lot softer a more mousse like in texture to what I was expecting but they last on me, without a primer, for about 10 hours with only a small amount of fading and a little smudging. I have been using the purple one as an eyeliner and the cream coloured one, which, when blended out becomes a sort of glittery top coat for your eyeshadow to change my everyday makeup to a more going out look without having to redo everything.

I am so impressed with these and I will keep you updated on anything after  have had a bit more wear out of them but for now I can see me trying out some more stuff from the Kiko range. I went to the store in the the Stratford Westfield shopping centre but they also have a website, here. I got these for £5 in the sale but they normally retail for £7.90.

Have you tried anything from Kiko? What would you recommend?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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