New Releases Wish List

There are a LOT of products that I want to try but have never gotten around to giving a go (because I’m not a millionaire – that’s just a vivid dream I have haha) but, there are a number of new releases that I am particularly fond of.


First up, the best of the bunch, in my opinion. The Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand collection. I think this is the first ever collection where I am considering buying the whole lot. I’m even thinking about buying both the palettes, which, is just crazy. Will I buy all of it? Probably not, I don’t think I can justify it or explain it to my other half. I do really like the look of the palettes, the Cream Shadow Stick and the blushes but time will tell what and if I buy.


Next up is something that isn’t on the market yet but I have seen on Instagram and around the blogosphere that they should be arriving in Autumn. Clinique are expanding their range of Chubby Sticks to blush/cheek products. I’m not completely sure how many shades there will be altogether but I am definitely looking forward to their release. I’m not sure how much these are going to be going for but from the price of the other Chubby Sticks and the price of Clinique’s blushes I am going to guestimate around the £20 mark.


In my last trip to Boots (I seem to go there more than I think) I saw the Essie summer collection. Last year I bought myself the little mini set, which, I was tempted with again but it didn’t have the Blue in it. Blue is my favourite colour and this particular shade of blue looks absolutely gorgeous and if I don’t buy any others from the collection I really do want to get this particular colour. Essie polishes are £7.99 each.


Benefit’s latest release has been all over social media for the past few weeks and I mentioned the Maybelline version. Because I wasn’t too impressed with the cheaper version, I really want to try the Benefit one to see if it lives up to all it’s claims of being criminally easy to apply. This is £18.50, a lot cheaper (well you know, not cheap buy any means) than I thought it was going to be.


So last but most certainly not least it’s the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palettes. To be honest I only want one of these but I thought I would find a picture of all of them. I really want the one called Streak as, from the pictures, it looks like it would suit me the best out of the four. I love the idea of having a bronzer, blush and highlighter all in one compact palette. These sell for £22 each and it’s another one that i was expecting to have a higher price to it.

What new releases are you looking forward to trying out?

Thanks for reading 🙂


All images are stock photos from either Google Image search or the companies websites.


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