Favourites: July 2014

I haven’t written a favourites post for a while (6 months to be exact, ooops) but I have been trying out some new things recently and been loving a lot of them.


Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream – I have written a complete review on this, here. Like I said in my review, I don’t think I’ll know for a while if it’s making a huge difference to my under eye circles but for now it’s really made them a lot more hydrated. It has also put the skin under my eyes in a lot better condition than before I started using it.

L’Oreal Ever Pure Colour Care and Soothing Conditioner – My hairdresser actually recommended this to me as, like the rest of my skin, I have a very dry scalp so she suggested this as a very hydrating conditioner. She also recommended the shampoo but for now I need to finish the one I have but the conditioner in itself has made such a difference. Not only does my scalp feel a lot better, my hair is in great condition. I have always had problems with getting really bad split end only a few days after having my hair cut but it’s been over 6 weeks since my last cut and even though I have some split ends and could do with a trim they are not as dry and damaged as they normally would have been.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – I will do a full on review of this with pictures but there’s a chance it’s knocking my Maybelline Falsies off my top spot of mascaras. It lengthens and give a ridiculous amount of volume. If you’re not careful with it you can get a spidery look but I combed through mine with the little comb that is on the end of my eyebrow comb. It’s not cheap but I think it might be worth a cheeky repurchase.

Collection Illuminating Comcealer – As much as I love my Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector, it’s not cheap. I picked this up after hearing good things and it doesn’t work quite as well as the Bobbi Brown but it’s a fraction of the price and I’ve been using almost everyday for like 6 weeks.

What are your favourites this month?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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