Manicure Monday: Essie Fiji

I have mentioned this polish a couple of times on this blog but have never given a full posts worth of information on it. I attending my cousins wedding this past Saturday and decided that this colour was the best I had to go with my outfit. It’s a quite bright shade of white with a pinky undertone and from what I have seen around the blogosphere it looks amazing on any skin tone.


It applies so easily and you only need 2 coats before t becomes opaque. I love this colour and I love the application but the staying power is probably the worse out of all the Essie polishes I have. Not only does it easily chip (even with a base and top coat) it cracks. I asked my friend who has done courses on nails and she told me that this can happen because of dirt and oils or if you have dry nails. I have bought this up because she told me this over a year ago when I had worn this polish when meeting with her and it had cracked then. So, even though there are reasons for this polish to crack it only ever happens to me with this particular colour. I find it quite strange and wonder if it’s the particular bottle I have but I don’t really want to go out and buy another one just to see if that’s the case.

This polish is such a lovely colour and so different that I want to recommend it to you but I would say only if you want it on for just a day because it has no staying power whatsoever. You can pick Essie polishes up from Boots or Superdrug starting from £7.99.

Have you tried Essie Fiji?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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