Autumn Clothing Haul

I’ve never done a clothing hall on my blog before as it’s rare that I go on shopping trips for clothes. I’m back off to uni in a couple of weeks and I wanted to treat myself to a few things before the hard work starts.

Let’s start with the clothes that I got from Next.


I picked up some Jeggings (£24) that are pretty awesome as they have the elasticised waist band of normal Jeggings but they are made of actual denim rather than Legging material. This was I get the comfort of Leggings but the safety of having the denim fabric, which, means I can wear shorter tops without people being able to see my knickers. The Jumper (£22) is so so so soft and really cosy so I am looking forward to wearing this when it gets a bit colder. It’s a burgundy colour with cream hearts and a gold zip detail at the back. I got a dark charcoal grey 3/4 length sleeved top (£18) that has some silver sequins dotted around. It is a bit see through so I will need to put a top underneath. I don’t know why I’m showing you socks but they excite me more than they should. These are a bit more pricey than I’m used to paying for socks but they are ridiculously soft and they have stars on them, which, is always a win. They were £7 for 5 pairs.



From Primark I got a basic jersey top in grey for some layering. For £5 I got a white skater style dress with different colour flowers all over, they do this type of dress throughout the year with different lengths of sleeves and I always pick one up as they’re so universal. You can wear them with Leggings, jeans or by themselves depending on the type of place you’re wearing it to. I got a Batman t-shirt (£6) because, well, it’s Batman and from the men’s section I picked up a simple black zip up hoodie (£10). I got some hair bands (£1.50) that look like bows when they’re in your hair.



The bag is also from Primark and was only £6 and there is a lot of space inside it. The checkered shirt is from Tesco and I got it in the sale for £7.


I got 2 pairs of shoes as clearly whilst in town I lost my mind and decided to spend everything haha. I got some Leather ankle boots from Next for £65 and some grey and pink Converse from Office for £44.99. I love Converse and the last so well it’s been a good few years since I have bought myself another pair. The boots, I hope, will last a long time as they are real distressed leather.

What are your favourite items of clothing to wear during the colder months?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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