Review: Colgate MaxWhite One Optic Toothpaste

I know what you’re thinking, a review on a toothpaste? But, my teeth are one of the main things that I hate about my appearance and this blog is mainly about things I use to make my self esteem higher than normal (thank God for foundation). I have tried everything except going and paying  lot of money to get them whitened to make them less yellow. They’re not awful but, they make me feel a bit self conscious about my teeth. So, when a toothpaste comes out that promises instant results I jump at the chance to try it.


I’m not delusional, I know nothing like this is instant. But, I have used a whole tube of this and other than cleaning my teeth (you know, like any toothpaste) I can’t see any difference. If there is a difference that I can’t see it  must be minuscule. My main point in this post is to tell you that especially at full price (£4.49) this toothpaste is just that, a toothpaste. I always feel harsh when I say this but, I genuinely cannot see any positives of this toothpaste other than it cleans your teeth. Another thing is that this stuff makes a mess of your sink. I’m quite a neat freak, especially when it comes to the bathroom, and I tend to clean the sink a couple of times a week but I used this I had to get the Cif out everyday.

I will not give up on my quest to find a very cheap alternative to paying for a professional to whiten my teeth but I will not be purchasing this again.

Do you have any recommendations for a good whitening toothpaste?

Thanks for reading 🙂


Image from Colgate’s UK website.


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