Review: NYX Powder Blushes

I mentioned in my latest beauty haul that my nearest Next store had started to sell NYX products. If you are a UK resident (and hadn’t realised Next had started selling the products) you can probably understand my excitement of finding a very hyped up American brand in a very accessible place.





From left to right: Taupe, Mauve.

I picked up the shade Taupe as I had heard it was great for contouring if you’re ghostly pale, like myself. I am seriously impressed with the colouring of this. It is quite literally the colour of a shadow (you do need to be careful if you’re heavy handed to stop yourself from looking bruised) and works so well to sculpt my face into something much skinnier than I am used to seeing. This doesn’t seem very pigmented but it’s very deceiving as a little goes a long way.

The other shade I got is Mauve, which, is a really pretty pink with a few coral undertones that makes it look different colours in different lights and angles. The consistency of this one compared to the taupe shade its a bit more powdery and it is a lot more pigmented so you only need a minuscule amount on your brush. Both the shades I got are matte shades but you can get shades with shimmer and glitter in them.

I am really impressed with these blushes and it is making me want to try a lot more from NYX. They were £6 each and you can get them from Next online, here.

What are your favourite products from NYX?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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