Top Glitter Nail Polishes

Not that you can’t use glitter in the summer but, when it gets towards Christmas time I feel the more glitter the better. These particular picks are more in the pinky/purple family and depending on the response I get from this post I do have another more neutral glitter post planned.



Firstly is a shade from Orly, I only have the mini bottle but it’s lasted me quite a while. This is the shade VIP and it’s a lovely pinky gold glitter with a few hints of silver glitter thrown in to the mix.

Barry M Pink Sapphire Glitter, 352 Top Coat is an awesome top coat with lots of different colours of purples, blues and pinks in shiny strands that works great on it’s own or over a colour.

Essie in Leading Lady is a bit of a different colour from the rest as it’s very opaque, even after one coat. But, it has so much glimmer and shimmer and glitter in it I just had to include it.

This Barry M shade in Ruby Glitter, 353 just screams New Years Eve to me. I don’t know why but I know I will be wearing it when the New Year rolls in (I know, I know, it’s ages away and I need to stop mentioning it and Christmas). It’s another colour that works really well not just on it’s own but over a block of colour. It’s a combination of black, a pinky red and silver chinks and is a polish that would create a ‘pick n mix’ style of nails perfectly.

Barry M Red Glitter, 150. This shade is a strange shade as it’s not completely opaque but it’s also not just glitter. This looks great over a white polish and, I’m going to say a bad word again, would be perfect for Christmas.

Maybelline Colour Show Speckled Pink. This is the only polish that I have included that I am suggesting as only an accent nail. Even though it’s a lovely polish I personally don’t like the look of it on all my nails. You could always put a darker pink or purple underneath it but the pink colour of the polish doesn’t seem to mix well with others. Having said that it works really great at being an accent nail when you have any of the colours in the mix on the rest of your nails.

Barry M Magenta Glitter, 336 is a lot like the previous Barry M polish I mentioned but it’s not quite as dark as the red one and so it can pull off being a top coat slightly better.

Topshop Firework, 201 is a gorgeous shade that thanks to the silver glitter that’s incorporated it can sort of change colour depending on the lighting. It’s another shade that can be used both as a top coat or a colour on it’s own but it looks so fantastic on it’s own and quite subtle that I tend to wear it by itself.

Lastly there is Essie A Cut Above which is the most amazing glitter I have ever used in my entire life. I have written a full review on this, here. It’s rose gold colour and you can get your nails covered in this with 3 coats.

You can get all these polishes except for the Topshop one from Boots.

What are your favourite glitter nail polishes?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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