Review: Boots Botanics All Bright Micellar Water

That’s right, it’s another Micellar water review from me today. For people that have had enough of hearing about Micellar water, I apologise and you can be happy that I have not got any more to try out. I know in my previous post I mentioned that I now use the L’Oreal Oil to remove my makeup but I used this the other day when I was having a day of playing around with makeup (don’t judge) and wanted to give you my thoughts.


Being from the Boots Botanics range and the Botanics range almost constantly being on offer this Micellar water can be one of the cheapest. If you can get it on a half price deal it’s less than the bus ride home and that’s a tick in my book. Unlike the Soap and Glory Micellar water, this has no scent whatsoever but the packaging of the top means there’s no real control when it comes to putting the product on a cotton pad. After a road test of this there isn’t anything particular that stands out about this. I think because I have tried a decent amount of these now they are becoming how face wipes used to be for me. I used to have ones that I preferred but I would buy whatever was on offer and I think now that there is so much choice of high street Micellar waters this will become the case for these too. Eye makeup doesn’t come off in one sweep but there isn’t too much rubbing at the eyes and it’s rare that any makeup has been left on.

I don’t have anything negative to say about this other than the packaging design which, I can easily get over. I think the only reason I would have to not repurchase this would be that if, when it runs out, I’m not going to Boots I won’t make a special trip just for it. I think I might leave the testing of the Micellar waters for a while now as I’m pretty sure I have my favourite (Garnier has one this) and they are all quite similar. You can pick this up from Boots here, for £2.99 for 250ml.

What is your favourite Micellar water?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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