Hi, my name’s Keely and, I love Clinique

As 2014 marks the 10th year of me loving Clinique, I thought I would share with you why. It started out innocent, just a few nail polishes here and a couple of lipsticks there. My friend and I would buy an item each at Bonus Time and split the goodies which, started up a good little collection. But it wasn’t enough. I needed more.


Joking aside Clinique has always been a good brand to me because of my skin problems as a teen. I had very dry skin but I got a lot of spots and that’s not a normal combination. Back in the day beauty blogging wasn’t really a thing but internet shopping was the new up and comer. The Clinique website drew me in with their skin test (this is still about) where you pick out what best scenarios suit your skin and you come out with a number. Mine was 1. It still is. 1= very dry. This wasn’t all I discovered. I also discovered their Anti Blemish line that is suitable for all skin types. I used the 3 step Anti Blemish line throughout years 16-21 and have only stopped because my spot problems cleared up. They also used to sell this Anti Blemish spray which was AMAZING. Don’t know why they don’t sell it anymore. Quite devastated and have never gotten over it.

But that wasn’t my only issue with my skin. Redness was also a hatred I had with my overly English rose complexion. Enter the Redness Solutions range. It started out with a powder that could be used under, over, under and over makeup. However much you wanted to apply you could with this finely milled mineral powder. I then picked up the daily relief cream which has seriously toned down the redness in my skin from a very red to a hint of natural blush.

It’s not just their skincare. Oh no, it’s the makeup too. You wouldn’t think someone with very dry skin could get away with a powder foundation now would you? With Clinique, you can. I repurchased about 20 of their powder foundations up to the age of 19. The mascaras they make are all so individually tailored to your lash needs it would be rare you couldn’t find one to suit you. Their eyeshadows are a lovely mixture of not too much pigmentation and just enough. There is so much more (chubby sticks, anyone?) but, for now I’ll leave it at that.

Now, it’s pretty obvious from my other posts that Clinique isn’t the only brand I use. I love a lot if products from a lot of different brands but I think everyone has that one brand that ticks every box for them. One last reason I love Clinique; they have always stocked my shade. My very light skin gets to try all their base products and that is something quite rare for me to find.

I wanted to share with you my love for this brand because it started me on my makeup journey and there is always something from the brand that I use on a day to day basis. Even though it sounds like I am, I’m not being paid to write this (I wouldn’t mind if I was) I know it sounds like I’m made of Clinique and I need to stop typing now before I start telling you about their brushes…

Thanks for reading 🙂


P.s you can try the Skin Diagnostic for yourself on their website under the 3-step system tab.


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