Review: Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

I picked up this CC Cream a couple of months ago now and I only really gave it a few tries before using it on a daily basis to give it a proper testing last week. My initial thought was that I liked it but now, I think I love it.


I got the shade Very Light (obviously) and to be honest I’m going to find it difficult to describe this but I’ll give it a go. It seems to just sink into the skin but at the same time smooths over any inperfections. It’s the only product I have ever encountered that gives great coverage but looks like you have no base makeup on at all. The lasting power of this is something I’m not quite sure on as it looks so natural. At the least I got out of this was about 6 hours before some of my natural colouring started to come through. This comes from the Moisture Surge range, so it gives instant hydrationย and, has an SPF30

This is not the cheapest on the market coming in at ยฃ28 but (and this is exactly how I justified it to my other half) you get an extra 10ml than you do in other foundations/creams. Honestly, I can see myself purchasing this again. Especially as it is really good for my skin now the weather has gotten rather chilly. You can pick it up from Boots, here with 9 shades to chose from.

Have you tried this? What is your favourite CC Cream?

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