Review: Herbal Essences Naked Shampoo and Conditioner

A little while back I wrote a review on the Herbl Essences dry shampoo and not too long after I found that, I found these. I’m not sure if I have mentioned before that I used to love using Herbal Essences products but one day I just stopped. I wanted to try something new and even though I have never found anything that smells anywhere near as good but I never went back to it. Until now.



The shampoo is free of silicones and both shampoo and conditioner are free of parabens and colourants. They aren’t as strongly scented as other Herbal Essences products but I’m pretty sure that’s because the scents are what was needed to be removed to make these as ‘Naked’ as possible. There are a couple of different variations and I picked up the ‘moisture’ one as I have issues with a dry scalp. For a product that doesn’t have any of the ingredients that are in their regular products this performs really well. I was quite impressed that I didn’t think there was actually any difference between this and their normal range, other than the scent. The shampoo foamed and the conditioner made my hair silky and smooth. The only noticeable downside is that my hair does seem to get greasy quicker than with other shampoos but, I can deal with that.

To be honest there was nothing (other than the less ingredients thing) that stood out to me about these products. I’m not saying I wouldn’t buy them again, because they do the job they’re supposed to but I do prefer other shampoos and conditioners. If they are on offer when I need to top up on shampoo then I will probably buy them again. I picked mine up from Tesco so I assume you can get these in most supermarkets but you can also pick them up from Boots, here (they’re on the second line of products) with the bigger bottles being £3.99 each.

Have you tried anything from the Herbal Essences Naked range?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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