Review: Maybelline Coloursensational Elixir

There has been some serious hype around these liquid lipsticks/stains and so when they came to the UK I got myself one to try.




I got the colour Blush Essence, 705 and it’s a pink glossy colour that is quite close to my own lip colour. It comes in a tube with 5ml of product and a tapered applicator. The formula is a bit more sticky than I normally go for in lip products and because of this, it just felt like a lipgloss. My lips were a bit stained from this but nothing that couldn’t be removed easily. The staying power wasn’t great if I’m honest and even though there was a stain, I think that if I was to put this on in the morning and not reapply throughout the day there wouldn’t be anything left of it. This is a product that can be built up, which, I think is awesome for the brighter colours in the range.

I didn’t find it particularly drying or moisturising but I also didn’t find anything special about it. There was a lot of hype surrounding these when they were first released and even though it isn’t a bad product I don’t think it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever used. I think I’ve made the mistake I usually make when I pick out new lip products; I get a shade very close to my lip colour. This doesn’t help me when I’m trying to review them but never mind, one day I’ll learn. I think I am going to pick up another colour of these to try and see any difference. You can pick these up from Boots, here for £6.99 with 11 shades to chose from.

Have you tried these?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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