Review: Real Techniques Nic’s Picks Collection

I have mentioned before about my love of the Real Techniques brushes so when I saw that they had a new set out, I had to get it. I found mine in Superdrug for £20 (on offer, normal price £30).








Duo Fibre Powder Brush – I got this brush in the last set that I bought (review, here) and love it for Bronzer. Because it’s duo fibre you can’t go too overboard with product which, is a life saver for someone with really light skin trying to add bronzer.

Cheek Brush (Exclusive to the set) – This brush is awesome. I am in love. It’s what I wanted the blush brush to be. It has a lot of surface area but can be precise as it’s quite pinched in at the sides. I have found this great for contouring.

Base Shadow Brush – This is another one I already have but when it comes to eyeshadow brushes I don’t think you can ever have enough. This brush is great for packing on shadow onto the eyelid.

Angled Shadow Brush (Exclusive to the set) – This brush is great to get that perfect edge to eyeshadow if, like me, you’re not blessed with perfect eyelids that eyeshadow falls perfectly onto. It is also a great blending brush.

Eyeliner Brush (Exclusive to the set) – This eyeliner brush is a lot more precise than the other Real Techniques eyeliner brush that I have, which, is has too many bristles and is too soft. I have found this to work great with gel eyeliner and also with powdered shadows to get a subtle eye definition.

I think this is the best brush set that I have bought from Real Techniques. I have got a few of the sets and although I enjoy using all the brushes, this is the first set where I love every single brush and they all get regular use. You can pick this set up from Superdrug here.

Have you tried this set? What’s your favourite Real Techniques brush? What’s your favourite brush brand?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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