Review: Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

I know I did a review on a Lush bath bomb only a couple of posts back but I wanted to tell you about this one before it disappears for another year. Golden Wonder is part of Lush’s Christmas range and it is one that I have bought for a few years now.






First off, let’s get a negative out of the way with. It’s glittery. And, I mean glittery. It gets all on your hands and all in the bath. To the point that it needs a serious cleaning afterwards. Other than that though, it’s great. It looks like a present and turns your bath water a glittery blue ish green looks like the ocean colour (my favourite colour). It smells quite similar to the Dashing Santa as it has a lot of citrus scents but this has more lemon and lime fragrances to it. Personally, the smell of this actually reminds me of the smell of Lush that you get when you’re about 10 shops away. It is a pretty huge bath bomb and it comes in at £3.75 so not the cheapest but everyone needs a treat now and then.

All in all this is a really relaxing bath bomb to use and it’s also great to use if you have a bit of the cold as the lemon fragrance can lend a helping hand to a blocked nose. You can pick one of these up from the Lush website here.

What is your favourite Lush Bath Bomb?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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