Review: Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Yes, another bath bomb review for you but again, I wanted to let you know when the products are still available (fingers crossed they haven’t run out now that I’ve said this). I must say this is the most Christmassy of the bath bombs that I have reviewed for this year.






So it starts off as a peachy colour and then turns into a very deep green. The shade of green is something I would associate with Christmas, a dark but somehow bright colour. It does have some glitter to it so you will have to give your bath a quick clean after the water has drained out. The scent is quite spicy and this would have been a perfect bath bomb to use on Christmas Eve had I of had the time and not needed to wash my hair (don’t you hate it when that happens?). Like I said above the scent is a bit more Christmassy but still not as spicy as you would expect (try Cinders to get a Christmas smelling bath). Even though it contains mandarin oil this particular bath bomb didn’t leave me as moisturised as  normally feel after using a Lush bath bomb.

Like I said you probably couldn’t get it, I was right. I have found it in a gift box, containing other goodies from the Christmas range, in their sale online here. This gift box contains 5 products and is only £9.95!! Grab ’em while they’re hot.

What have been your favourite product from Lush this year?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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